Collaboration with La Prairie, ECAL

PaperFoam®, Cardboard.

W.113 x H.113 x D.113

GEOMETRY: VOLUME is a sustainable packaging design for La Prairie, a luxury house and a cosmetic brand in Switzerland. Inspired by the ideology of Bauhaus and minimalism, this object is designed accordingly with the principle of geometric design.

Being composed by two identical triangular shape that made of PaperFoam®, each part gives the content fully support, while creating a bonding gap at the side of the box that delivers the sense of contemporary artifact, in the meantime indicate their customers with the gene of the brand.

GEOMETRY: VOLUME 是一款為瑞士高端保養品牌 La Prairie 之旗下產品 SKIN CAVIAR 所打造之環境友善包裝。受包浩斯、極簡主義與品牌發源地之風土人文所影響,這個物件以幾何設計之原理與融合自然環境景觀進行設計。

PaperFoam® 為此包裝之主要材料,可經由客訂模具自由設計造型。包裝的兩大三角柱型部件能夠給予內容物完整的包覆與支撐,並同時在側面形成一道 45 度的接合線,塑造一種現代造物的觀感,以此圖象傳遞消費者該品牌之美學基因。

Photo Credit: La Prairie

Swiss Nature by Yosuke Shimano

The Usage of the Packaging.


PaperFoam® is a 100% recyclable bio-based material invented and patterned by PaperFoam company based in the Netherlands. It reduces up to 40% of the weight comparing to regular packaging while not losing strength.

PaperFoam® 是能夠被完整分解的生質可回收材料,由荷蘭 PaperFoam 公司研發並持有專利。與一般包裝相比,據稱它能夠減少至高至 40% 的重量。

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