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In-House Project,

ABS, Electroic Components, Fan, HEPA Filter

W. 500 x D. 214 x H. 380 (mm)

CIRCULATION is a smart air purifier, a concept product of Unipapa ( ex roolen), aiming to optimize the experience of existing air purifiers in an attempt to create environmental appliances that are more suitable for modern home scene.

  CIRCULATION is designed around three key elements: simplicity, modernity, and cleverness which are carried through every detail from the shape of the product to the place where happens interaction.

CIRCULATION  是為 Unipapa (前 roolen) 設計之概念智能空氣清淨機, 旨在試圖優化現有空氣清淨機之使用體驗:以環境家電的角色基礎,提供更為人性化的操作,更加簡約的外觀符合現代的居家生活環境。

CIRCULATION 環繞在三個關鍵的元素進行設計:簡單、現代、與聰明。這三個元素皆貫徹至產品的方方面面,從機身造型、細節設計,到互動方式。

Shape, Color and Space

The design of CIRCULATION takes inspirations from the art direction and idea of Minimalism: black and white colors, large space contrasts with design details, and rounded corners of the body case. These design decisions have been made due to the consideration of environmental intergration while echoing the brand gene of roolen.

CIRCULATION 的設計受極簡主義的藝術指導風格與核心理念所影響:黑與白、大面積的機身對比於功能性的細節、以及大圓角的圓潤設計。設計的決定是在賦予產品個性與所處環境的整合程度間取得平衡,而這也是 Unipapa (前roolen) 重要的產品思路與品牌基因。

Minimum Operation

Most air purifiers have diversified functions to provide users with complete operations, but sometimes the functions would be redundant if the users live in a minimalistic lifestyle. Therefore, we are committed to launching a simpler user experience than other competitors, focusing on core functions and scenarios only.



We collaborate with electric IMP on our wifi module. Their solution not only provides complete back-end management but a more intuitive way for users to connect our device to the internet.

以直覺操作為目的,我們運用 electric IMP 之物聯網連線技術。該公司不僅提供完整的後台資料管理,相較於其他技術,能以更直覺的方式將設備連上網路。

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The indicator shows air quality and device status. Green refers to manual modes and white refers to auto modes. If the air quality gets worse, CIRCULATION will show a gradual change from red to green before purifying the air completely.

三個顏色的指示燈分別代表不同的機台狀態:綠色代表手動操作模式,白色代表自動模式。當 CIRCULATION 偵測到空氣品質下降時則會顯示紅燈,並且隨著空氣清淨的進程,燈號會由紅至綠漸層變化。


One button does all the job: switching modes and power.


Details for Daily Usage

We believe that the details are the key to determining whether the product can be perfectly integrated into people's lives. Especially, in places where CIRCULATION  interacts with people at a higher frequency, we carefully pondered to achieve a smooth and seamless experience.

我們認為,細節是決定產品能否完美融入人們生活的關鍵。 尤其是在 CIRCULATION 與人互動頻率較高的地方,我們仔細琢磨,試圖實現流暢無縫的體驗。


Both the notches on the bottom of the body and front cover make the user detach and clean the front cover easily.



The notched handle only allows one hand to grip, while the other hand is meant to support and hold the front to steadily lift and carry the whole device.



The EVA pad between the front panel and the body provides cushioning and reduces noise during adsorption.

前面板和機身之間的 EVA 墊在前蓋以磁鐵吸附至機身的過程中提供緩衝並降低噪音,與增加氣密性,提高機器清淨效率。


Narrowly spaced fence ensure greater safety when changing filters.


Design for Assembly

The unibody design is to achieve seamless visually as well as to simplify the assembly process on the production line.


Design for Fluid Mechanics

We utilize the 26cm DC centrifugal fan into our design. The design of the air duct is based on the curve of the nautilus, which maximizes the exhaust efficiency in a limited space.

我們在設計中使用了 26cm 直流離心風扇。 風道的設計基於鸚鵡螺的曲線,在有限的空間內最大限度地提高了排氣效率。