The following content will show the development of CIRCULATION.

Design Research

We have conducted a design research based on the first product of roolen around three key words: modernity, simplicity, and cleverness which are carried through every detail from the shape of the product to the place where happens interaction. We took inspirations from classic and iconic simple designs as well as modern expressions of simplicity and minimalism, intending to find the intersection between emotional and rational shapes and lines, giving the product a minimal look withough loosing its charater.

Breath, humidifier, the first product of roolen

Design Mood Board

Thumbnail Sketch

Thumbnail sketch was to quickly explore the overall shape and scale of CIRCULATION. Some of them could be as random as doodle, but it then gives a bit of ideas of how the final design will look and feel like. I usually add functional features to quickly have look of how it will work as a product. This also help me to understand what sort of surface detail can make sense when I’m working on creating new design language based on the brand’s art direction.

Form Exploration

More Detailed Sketch

3D Sketch

Since CIRCULATION is designed with simplicity and functionality, when I had initial ideas in mind, I then switched my sketching tool to 3D softwares. I built simple models for the componets that we intended to apply on CIRCULATION, then design an appearance around the inner structure. This would accelerate the development to quickly understand the volume of the final product would feel like, and what types of air purifier should we focus. 

fan & filter structure types

horizontal / vertical / bilateral




Refined Sketch
With 3D sketches as developmental basis, the design of CIRCULATION starts to has its contour. I then work on the refined sketch to define more details by making more cleaner drawings to be as reference of the final 3D modeling.

Design Detail Iteration

R&D Thinking
To stick to the aesthetic and engineering level to simplicity, CIRCULATION has an uni-body design correspond to its construction method. Every components are able to be fitted sequently in the outer case, this method will simplify the assembly process as well as saving the cost.